Yann, Touched

Shared By on Oct 29, 2012| Photographed by Yann

10 touched photos from the internationally renowned photographer, Yann Feron. Please note that these are high resolution photographs and may take longer than normal to load.

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Photographed by Yann

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Herve Leger dress, Betsy Johnson dress, Victoria's Secret undies

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  1. I like these minimalist shots very much. Losing the distracting background is so elegant in conjunction with the B&W outfits. In that context the last frame seems so out of place. In the first 9 pictures Sarah was clearly the sole object of attention and source of colorful life. In the 10th and final frame all that changes decimating the beauty of the set for my eye.

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  2. Hi, I’m not sure if it’s just once you embrace a life full of joy going back to Mrs. White, you’re so beautiful and Jzab

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  3. Please give me an answer to my email account on your friendship and I hope I see you After.

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