NYC Baby

Shared By on May 18, 2013| Photographed by Jon

jona01mI love these two sets with Jon. In the hotel room reading the newspaper and then some artsy light play photos on the roof!

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Photographed by Jon

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Victoria's Secret Undies

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  1. Sarah, when nude sites open?

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  2. You are an interesting lady!

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  3. I for one hope you don’t open a nude site. If people want to see you nude they can schedule an appointment; then not only will they get to see you naked but they will be beguiled by your charming intelligence and sincere compassion. :D Just saying…

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  4. Thanks nerdboy :) The nude site is on hold cuz I have more exciting things in the works… ;)

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  5. Nerdboy, are you suggesting someone who just wants to see Sarah naked should schedule a THERAPY session?

    I very much hope we see son a nudes´ site. Sarah is too hot to be seen with her naughty bits covered.

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    • M. Sarah is all about Arousal. If she wants to open a nude site she will otherwise she won’t. The real question is why do you want to see her “naughty bits” ? Will seeing her naughty bits help you become a more productive, happier, more loving person? There are countless sexy ladies naked on the interweb…. does the world need yet another? Just asking…. :D

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      • I´ve had many sessions with Sarah. She has done a lot of good for me. It isn´t about why should she not cover really. It´s about why should she cover? Since I had those sessions I´ve seen Sarah´s nude body and I swear if you saw what I saw you´d feel frustrated to think she feels the need to cover up, after all, I´d take nude Sarah over those “countless naked ladies” any day. I can assure you, Sarah looks way better nude than most of them.

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      • And now, the real reason… Her beauty deserves to be seen uncovered. This girl looks f*cking gorgeous in her birthday suit. Mother Nature at its´ best. Covered? Still very nice, but not as good as the full monty.

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  6. Yeah…this is just porn.

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