Black Poppy Genie

Shared By on Jan 24, 2013| Photographed by Exphoria

39 photos. A genie in a bottle, coming out, with Exphoria :)

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Photographed by Exphoria

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Black Poppy Victoria's Secret undies, Forever 21 Necklace


  1. This sure beats I Dream of Jeannie TV.

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  2. My dear darling Sarah, Oh, what a beautiful photos you have sent to me
    and it´s making me very horny in you Sarah, I had to take my cock in my hand and “jerk” it off for you, Oh, Oh, nice photos I love them Sarah.
    What to do next time Sarah, my sperm is flooding for you.
    Thank You my darling Sarah and enjoy a nice time!
    LOVE and super KISSES to you from Stickan in Sweden
    If you can go to Google and write in “Stickans Swing o Swäng”
    and go to Stig Karlsson You Tube
    you can listen on my radio program music and watch my photos
    or videos. Good Luck!

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  3. Great photos! Thanks for posting and great to see you again!!

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  4. wowwww Sara you are very very sensual, sexy and beautiful woman

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