On the couch

Shared By on Oct 24, 2013| Photographed by Cavier

cvlc1003sarahwhiteA moody set with Brooklyn based photographer CVLC. Flower top, thigh highs, black undies, and drama abound!

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Photographed by Cavier

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Sway thigh highs, friend's top and skirt!

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  1. Those sultry, darkly mysterious expressions are ever so captivating. Ooh, and I like the curves too! :)

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  2. If im addicted to sex and porn how this gonna help me?

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    • Jesus, I’d be happy to help you with this. I’ve found that controlling porn and sex addiction is about understanding what is at the root of the addiction so as opposed to denying yourself pleasure you can learn to partake in a moderate and responsible manner. How one gets there is different for everyone, and again, I’d be happy to talk about this with you, send me an email.

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  3. Nice therapy couch.

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  4. Oh… I confess, I have some fantasy with psychologist and you’re so beautiful… I’d like to smell your used panties, too…

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