Sunlight in Vermont

Shared By on Mar 18, 2013| Photographed by Buck

buck23m36 photos basking in the sunlight in northern Vermont. Spring is just a few days away to NYC!

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Photographed by Buck

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Victoria's Secret undies, Two Lips Boots

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    • verry interisting i love them

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  1. Definitely material to lead to a state of (therapeutic?) arousal.

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  2. Beautiful, Sarah! How long before is available?

    Sure would be nice if we could transfer membership from here to there when that site goes live. I don’t think I’d be wanting to visit this one much, after that!

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  3. Sarah, Hmmm, trying to understand if your genuine or if your just the worlds best tease to boost your business.
    Yes your obviously attractive and you have some very sexy photos, obviously again, the camera likes you.

    Can you please advise the healing benefits are for men in your therapy sessions other than just getting very horny???

    Yes you seem to have a few totally naked photos so technically you can claim to be the Naked therapist, ….. however
    I MOST are scantily clad, so where is your honesty, ….. either you are the naked therapist…….. or you are NOT.
    Please respond honestly.

    My biblical knowledge suggests, …. VERY STRONGLY, that your type is a classic Jezzebel, using your feminine charms to
    manipulate what you want, in way of controlled teasing of your clients.
    The bible also says such as you will go down to damnation.
    Are you not a believer in God, ….. do you nor care for the eternal destiny you are creating.
    I would consider, repentance and a complete turning away from this tease mentality to simply empower your ….. self.
    Please consider, intelligently and respectfully, ………. if you can.
    Regards, Nick.

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