Cabin Innocence

Shared By on Dec 10, 2012| Photographed by Buck

40 photos in the innocence of a Vermont cabin!

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Photographed by Buck

Modeled by Sarah

Wearing: Victoria's Secret demi bra in Tiny Poppy, Two Lips boots

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  1. I like the back lighting above.

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  2. I think the 2nd to last photograph in this album is a real gem.
    Sunlight amplifies the feminine curve of a woman’s hip and boldly reveals other parts of her figure as well. The straight trees in the window further enhance the sensual form within. The shadow of an unseen right hand underneath the window sill adds a mysterious dimension. The colors are magnificent. The warm glow of flesh and wood contrasts against the blue sky outside and the deep blue inside. Even the busyness of the corner receding into a deep shadow is amazing. It also has qualities of a still life picture. I am awed by it!

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  3. Who’s innocent? The photographer or the half naked hotie?

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