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Sarah White has been called “Sigmund Freud’s Naked Grand-daughter” (Viennese Journal, Apdjet), compared to Cindy Sherman and Laurel Nakadate (Culturebot.com), and named one of Wired.com’s Top Ten Sexiest Geeks (2010). With the launching of her new modeling portfolio site, SarahWhiteModeling.com, she adds “Internet Bombshell” (Photographer Jessie Swan) to that list. Besides being a model, Sarah White is an artist, writer, and the founder of Naked Therapy, which you can read all about at SarahWhiteTherapy.com.

She has modeled for commercial, fashion, and creative photographers. This website is a collection of her modeling work since 2010. She has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic photographers to create content for this site, including Yann Feron, Blake Johnson, Cavier Coleman (CVLC Photography), Jon Apostol, Oreste Schiavone, Exphoria, Jessie Swan, and more.

You can email Sarah at sarah@sarahwhitelive.com. For support with this site email contact@sarahwhitemodeling.com or visit the contact page here. Take a “tour” here!

This site is a new “model for the model.” It presents both touched and untouched photos Touched means that the photographs have been touched up by the photographer to their style, taste, and standard. Untouched means the photographers have not touched-up the photos. These are included in order to share more photographs with you, and to include the raw, intimate look of the original moment of being in the room taking the photos. Since most photographers work with the expectation that photographs will be touched up prior to public viewing, these are sometimes given basic batch adjustments for your viewing pleasure.

A Little Story – Touched, Untouched, Me and You

So, a friend of mine wanted to see some of my modeling photos and as I was scrolling through my thousands of photoshoot pics trying to decide which ones to show him, he said “Why haven’t I seen these before? Why are you hiding all this beauty?” And that got me thinking…

The normal thing for a model to do is to spend hours posing for a photographer who shoots tons of photos, then the photographer chooses 2 to 3 shots, touches them up, and they get released to the public in some fashion mag or lingerie catalogue. But what about all the other photos? What about the ones that nobody ever gets to see that just sit on a hard-drive somewhere?

My hope is that as you look through this vast collection, your favorites will at times be different than the ones the photographers chose to touch up. You’ll enjoy the raw, intimate, playful nature of the untouched up photos – each turn of the head, each new angle, each different expression, each new position, watching me undress, and the many ways that the light accentuated various parts of my body in different settings. Or, as my friend said, it’s like watching “a little movie of a girl you love.”

In essence, this is “a new model for the model.” I’ve created a website on which I put both the touched and untouched images from my shoots. This site will show me as I really am AND it will show me as the professionals make me, and hopefully both will bring some joy into your day. Cuz after all, through my work as the Naked Therapist, I’ve found that images of women can bring a little joy into a man’s life by arousing him sexually, emotionally, inspirationally, whatever. That’s what I hope this site does for you.

And speaking of being a therapist, here’s my question to you: Do I look better touched or untouched? You decideā€¦:-)

xxoo – Sarah